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New! Breeders Foal Nomination Program!

1.     Starting year. This program will start with 2012 foals.
2.      Any foal maybe nominated to the program. Dams and sires do not need to be nominated in order to participate in this program. 
3.     Substitutions & Transfers: There will be no substitutions or transfers of a nomination permitted for any reason.
4.      Change of Ownership: A nominated horse may change ownership and retain nomination status under the new owner.
5.      Nominator: The person who is the initial nominator retains the nominator benefits. The nominator need not be the owner of said horse. Owner of the mare has first right to nominate. Only one membership number can be listed as the nominator.
6.      Membership: The nominator, current owner and rider must be current members in good standing with PCCHA.
7.      Registration:   A foal may be nominated with or without breed registration papers. Foals without breed registration papers, or those pending, may submit an application by sending (4) color photos, front-back-right and left sides of the horse, a written description and a veterinarian certificate of age. Papers submitted at a later date must match the application on file.
8.      Foal Nomination Fees: The following nomination fees will apply. All nominations fees are a one-time payment and make the horse eligible to enter the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Assn. Breeders Foal Incentive 3 year old event. Nominations must be postmarked on or before December 31st of the applicable year. The nomination fee does not enter the horse in the event, it only qualifies him or her to enter the Breeders Incentive class. After paying the nomination fee, normal entry fees will apply when the horse reaches the age to enter each event. The horse will not be considered nominated until all nomination fees are paid in full. 
Foal Nomination - Breeders Fees
Due Date
Weanling Foaling Year
December 31st
Yearling Year
December 31st
2 Year Old Year
December 31st
3 Year Old Year
Prior to Start of the Open Futurity

Important:  Payment must be postmarked on or before stated due date or next payment amount will be due and payable. Any checks
or funds deemed as NSF or worthless will not be accepted until at which time funds are available. Caution: this may run into the next scheduled payment.
9.      Payment of Fees: It is the nominator’s responsibility to make the nomination fee payment on or before the due date. PCCHA will not be responsible for nominations not received by the due date or lost in the mail. All fees are to be made payable to the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Assn. (in US funds) and payments should be sent by guaranteed mail to insure delivery. When the payment deadline falls on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday or Holiday) it will be due on or before the next business day. A nomination check returned due to insufficient funds will constitute an incomplete nomination. Failure to pay applies to the rider, owner, or agent for any unpaid debts, related to the entry, exhibition, showing, stalling or any related fee of an entry at an approved PCCHA event. Agent is defined as anyone who acts and/or signs on the behalf of an owner or rider. 
10.   Refunds: Nomination payments made for weanlings on or before 10/31 of the weanling year will qualify for a full refund if the nominated foal becomes deceased prior to 12/31 of the weanling year. Written notification of the death must be received in the PCCHA office on or before 12/31 of the weanling year.   All of the nominations made after 10/31 of the weanling year, will not be eligible for refunds for any reason once the payment has been processed by the PCCHA.
11.   Prize Money Distribution: Of all the nomination fees paid in, PCCHA will retain 5% for administrative costs to run the program and 5% will be retained for the Nominators incentive. (Effective starting with foals of 2018 forward, the Nominator incentive will increase to 50% to Nominator and 50% to Owner.) Of the remaining money, 100% is allocated to the PCCHA Futurity Open and Non-Pro Futurity classes. The total money will be prorated between the Open and Non-Pro only on a pro-ration basis. These percentages will be reviewed annually and adjusted if needed. 
12.   Nominator Incentive: The nominator Incentive is a benefit of the program that gives money back to the person that nominates the horse. Of all the Incentive money that the horse earns at the Futurity; 5% is paid back to the nominator of the horse, even if that person no longer owns the horse. (Effective starting with foals of 2018 forward, the Nominator incentive will increase to 50% to Nominator and 50% to Owner.)
13.   Right to Cancel: The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Assn. reserve the right to cancel this program without notice at any time, without liability and these conditions are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Directors. But in such an event, all the Nomination Program’s funds are the property of PCCHA and will be used for the Futurity purses.

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